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01 about

Passionate from an early age about decorative arts and design, Anne Vitchen decided to follow her heart: flowers.
She opened her boutique in the 8th Arrondissement in Paris in 1998, driven by her boundless enthusiasm which so well characterises her.
The world of luxury quickly fell under Anne’s spell and  her elegant, poetic universe.
She works side by side with the most prestigious couture and jewel houses and skilled craftsmen of all kinds.
The most beautiful reception places are her playgrounds, marvellous showcases for her timeless compositions.
In 2015 Anne Vitchen was chosen to be the “Lady of the Flowers” of the Ritz Paris.
Her name is a guarantee of refined excellence.


02 creations

Anne Vitchen is a specialist of made to measure arrangements. It is impossible for her to limit herself to the world of bouquets…

Her passion only truly expressed through a complete design of the spaces entrusted to her care.
Jewelry and fashion houses, luxury hotels, museums and institutions all count on her for their most beautiful and prestigious events.
With the sole purpose of exploring emotion, Anne’s work is the free expression of beauty in all its forms: flowers, decorative objects, colours, tableware, lighting...


03 Ritz Paris

In 2015 Anne Vitchen was chosen to be the “Lady of the flowers” of the Ritz Paris, which she characterises as being the most beautiful hotel in the world.
With enthusiasm and joie de vivre that she shares every day with her team, she imagines the floral identity of this prestigious house. Her elegant and stylish creations reflect a resolutely modern spirit.

"The Ritz, obvious from the beginning…

I often passed Place Vendôme, one of the most beautiful squares in Paris ... the most beautiful one in Paris. I watched this Ritz from a distance and I dreamed of it…”


04 masterclass

Anne Vitchen proposes the discovery of her poetic floral universe through individual or group workshops.


Masterclass - Baccarat


Masterclass -Salvatore Ferragamo


Masterclass - Flutter Magazine

05 videos


06 fashion

Anne VITCHEN collaborates with magazines and photographers around the world for fashion editorial.


Vogue US


Ritz Paris Magazine


Tatler Magazine

07 editorial

Anne Vitchen appears in international press and media.

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